Dressing Your Tresses

Yes, you can still wear hair accessories without looking like your niece…  or Shirley Temple.  They’re a quick, easy, and often pretty inexpensive way to change up your look a bit, or take a ho-hum hair day to a feeling pretty fly hair day!  Hair accessories have moved beyond the ribbons at the end of your cheerleading pigtails days.  The secret?  Two secrets, actually:  find accessories and do looks that are age appropriate.  And wear the right kinds of accessories with the right dos.

What a twenty-something year old can pull off is not necessarily the same as what a 30, 40, or 50+ year old can rock without prompting raised eyebrows.   Look at the runways, any magazine full of A-list celebs, and you’ll see the gamut of accessories; barrettes, headbands, scarves, clips, feathers, and more.

For most, a rhinestone-encrusted tiara may not be in your future, however a pretty, statement-piece barrette can make the two-minute ponytail you created on the run look fabulously put-together and chic.

Or twist a scarf or bandana and wrap it around a bun, or further out, around the parameter of your hair.  Punch up a ponytail or braid with a wide metallic barrette at the end.  You can also sweep bangs or a section of hair to the side and secure with a pretty clip or barrette.

Headbands are fun too, and look especially good when you keep the headband simple.  They look especially great with short hair, or when you’re growing your hair out, but be careful when selecting one — anything too wide or too ornate could make you look like a third-grader.

If you have a barrette, headband, or other hair accessory you just HAD to have, but now find yourself unsure of how to style it, bring it along to your next visit to Health and Style Institute and we can show you flattering ways to wear it!


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Cosmetology Teacher Courses

Key Objectives of the Cosmetology Teacher Program

Health and Style Institute wants to help prepare you for a career you can love. If you enjoy working in cosmetology, already have your license, and are looking for the next step in your career, teacher training might be your answer. Gain the skills you need and prepare to take the State Board exam so that you can join the cosmetology training industry. Read on to learn more about what the program entails, the types of careers it can prepare you for, and more.

beauty school instructorPrepare for the State Board Exam
In order to enroll in Health and Style Institute’s Teacher Training program, you must first have a GED or high school diploma and a cosmetology license. Once in the program, you will gain training that prepares you to pass the State Board exam to become a licensed Cosmetology Teacher. Overall, the program requires 800 clock hours, which include both theoretical and practical training.

Learn Teaching Methods
Our program helps you gain the teaching skills you need, and we take a variety of approaches to offer a well-rounded education. 150 hours of the program are dedicated to instruction. You can learn lesson planning, classroom management, how to evaluate students, and other skills you need to prepare for the State Board examination. Instructional methods include lectures, step-by-step methods, objective based learning, demonstrations, clinic/student salon activity management, and more. The remaining hours involve real-world teaching practice.

Hands-on Training
The majority of the program is dedicated to providing practical experience. For 650 hours, students teach while a licensed cosmetology teacher supervises. You’ll teach in a real classroom with real students. The supervising teacher then offers useful evaluation and feedback to help you grow into the best teacher you can be. This hands-on training is essential to preparing for your career and it supports you in gaining the knowledge and experience needed for licensure.

Enroll in Cosmetology Teacher Courses

Our teacher training classes could be the key you need to unlock your future. Once you are a licensed graduate, you will be qualified for careers such as Teacher, Lead Instructor, Director of Education, Specialty Product Educator, or Director of Education. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and gain the skills you need to prepare for one of these career opportunities, learn more about Health and Style Institute’s Teacher Training program today.


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To Weave or Not To Weave?

Hair weaves have been getting more and more popular since the 1950’s.  They add volume, length, and even change the color of hair without all the harsh chemicals.  But you still don’t know whether you should get one and if you do, what type you should get… or did you not even know there are types?!?!  Let’s go through some of the basics so you have a better idea what you’re getting into.


The biggest reason is to have longer hair without having to wait months or years for it to grow.  You can go from a bob cut to waist long hair in an afternoon.  But there’s other perks.  It can make your hair look thicker, giving you a bit more va va voom in your style.  It can also change the texture, so if you have thick hair that’s easily tangled or thin hair you’d like to be able to curl easily, you can get manageable hair that does what you want it to.


Once you’ve settled on your dream hair, there’s a couple different ways to weave it in.  You can choose to have it completely cover your natural hair – think wig that’s semi-permanently attached.  It can also be added to your natural hair, which generally works best if you already had straight or slightly wavy hair.  This is often called hair extension instead of hair weaves, but the idea is the same either way.


You have a choice of human hair or synthetic hair.  The biggest difference?  Human hair costs a lot more.  Some people think it looks and feels more natural, but you can check out both when you go to the salon and decide then.  Also, you may have to dye your hair to make it look natural.  If you’re going from jet black to bleach blonde, you don’t want your dark locks sticking out and ruining the effect.


When you have several hours free; this can take a while.  Also, when you want to take it out or change it, expect to head back to the salon.  How long you have between visits depends on how fast your hair grows, but it averages 1-2 months.


Somewhere that knows what it’s doing.  Don’t be a salon’s first ever weave.  You don’t want to spend hours in the chair, only to find it looks awful.  Visit Health and Style Institute, where not only are the people who teach how to do this participating, the students know their grade rests on your satisfaction.  Plus, this tends to be a pretty costly procedure and Health and Style Institute is able to charge significantly less than most other salons.

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Salon Management Training

What You’ll Learn in Health & Style’s Salon Management Program

Do you love cosmetology? Maybe you have already begun your cosmetology career, or maybe you’ve been dreaming about it since you first discovered makeup or first enjoyed the benefits of a great facial. Wherever you are in your journey, Health and Style’s Salon and Spa Leadership Program can prepare you to take the next step. Keep reading to get a better understanding of what the program entails, what you’ll learn, and how it can prepare you for a career boost.

Become a Salon OwnerSkills
Gain experience and instruction on the major skills needed in any salon: cutting, styling, weaving, waxing, relaxers, nail care, lashes, facials, bleaching, braiding, microdermabrasion and more. As you deepen your knowledge of these important activities, you’ll also take courses in salon business administration and management, learning leadership, business ethics, interviewing, and networking. Ultimately, our program prepares you to take the State Board Licensure Exam so that you can obtain a license as a Master Cosmetologist.

Career Outlook
There are many options open to those who have earned the Salon and Spa Leadership diploma. The career paths available for those with salon management skills include Salon or Spa business Owner, Style Consultant, Product Account Representative, and Independent Contractor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in cosmetology are expected to grow 13% between 2016 and 2026, which is faster than the average 7% for most careers. This positive job outlook is good news for your career. Competition will be strong, though, so gaining the extra edge of the Salon and Spa Leadership diploma is a good way to make yourself stand out in a crowd.

Why Enroll in Salon Management Training?
Entering Salon Management Training can help open new doors. It can help your resume appeal to potential employers, distinguishing you as career-oriented and hard-working. If you want to own your own salon, the diploma can offer you the training and skills needed, and there are many great reasons to do so. Opening your own spa or salon can advance your career, fulfill needs within your community, and help you live your entrepreneurial dream. At Health and Style, our Salon and Spa Leadership Program can help you take your career to the next level. Learn more today.


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Cosmetology Teacher Training Program

Everything You Need to Know Becoming a Cosmetology Teacher

If you love cosmetology and also like the idea of helping others find their passion for the career, consider becoming a licensed Cosmetology Teacher. At Health and Style Institute, we offer a great program that prepares students to take the state licensure exam and launch teaching careers. So, if you’re interested and want to learn more, read on to learn everything you need to know about this exciting career option.

beauty school instructor

In order to apply to Health and Style’s program, students must have a high school diploma or a GED. They must also possess a cosmetology license. The training will prepare students to pass the State Board to become a licensed teacher and find fulfilling and exciting careers passing on their knowledge and love of all things beauty.

What You’ll Learn
To become a cosmetology instructor, you’ll need knowledge of teaching methods and legal issues, and you’ll need lots of hands-on practice. In our program, you receive 150 hours of instruction so that you learn laws governing cosmetology in your state and the best methods for effective teaching practices. The remaining 650 hours are dedicated to practice. You’ll get hands-on teaching experience under the guidance and supervision of licensed instructors. Getting this real-world experience will prepare you for your future career.

Qualities of the Cosmetology Teacher
If you’re passionate about cosmetology and like helping others grow and develop their own skills, you already have what it takes to succeed in this career. Other important characteristics include creativity, organization and planning skills, and a desire to train and motivate new cosmetologists. As a teacher, you’re doing more than passing on skills; you also help mentor and inspire your students.

Why Enroll in the Cosmetology Teacher Training Program?
There are many benefits to becoming an instructor. Creative freedom, the fulfillment of mentoring people, and job growth opportunities are some of the top reasons to become a teacher. At Health and Style Institute, we can provide you with the hands-on experience you’ll need to become a good mentor, and our coursework will prepare you to pass the state licensure exam. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your cosmetology career, learn more about Health and Style Institute’s Cosmetology Teacher Training Program today!


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Become a Cosmetologist

The Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Cosmetology

If you’re searching for a new career and crave something creative, flexible, and social, cosmetology may be the right fit for you! Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments and includes hairstyling, skin care, manicures/pedicures, cosmetics, and more. This career offers many perks, so read on to hear our top reasons to become a cosmetologist.

Health and Style Institute Cosmetology School

You Want a Fun Working Environment
Cosmetology offers a fun, flexible, and exciting work environment. Not confined to a cubicle, you’ll be able to stretch your legs, move around, and interact with many people. Cosmetologists interact with and get to know many kinds of people every day. So, if you are a people person, this is a great career for you.

You Crave Variety
There is a wide array of specializations in cosmetology, so you won’t ever get bored. Even if you stick with one specialty, like hairstyling, there are always new styles and techniques to learn. In addition, you get to work with a diverse group of people. Your clients also bring variety, as they will change and grow over the years, challenging you to come up with new styles or provide them with new looks.

You Enjoy a Flexible Schedule
Work full-time or part-time. Set your schedule to only work weekend, morning, or evening shifts. This career can fit into your life and bend according to your needs. So, if you need to work part-time to be home with your kids after school, or if you want to pick up cosmetology as a second job on the weekends, you can make it work!

You Like Helping People
Making people feel good about themselves is another great benefit of this career. Cosmetologists are everyday do-gooders, helping people understand how to translate their inner beauty, how to find products that work best for them, and how to highlight their best features.

You Want Creative Freedom
Cosmetologists are artists, and one of the top reasons many people become cosmetologists is to express themselves creatively. Experiment with new trends and techniques, find clients willing to try new styles, and continue to learn as styles evolve.

Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist with Health and Style Institute

At Health and Style Institute, we believe there are many exciting reasons to become a cosmetologist, and we can help you get there. Learn more about our Cosmetology Program today, and prepare yourself for a creative and fun career!


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